Short Paragraph on Standing in a Queue

By | April 12, 2019

Standing in a Q is good for all. It shows discipline and fair play. If there is no! the strong and the rough sort will get the first chance. This shows might is right. There is no fair play or justice in this. Supposing you are standing in a Q for a bus, first come would be first served; the last comer would naturally get the last chance. But instead of this, if there is a crowd, the strong and rough would forget all decent manners and push out others and get in first even though they are the last to come. Similarly, at railway station, booking offices post offices, ration shops, etc. forming a Q ‘saves everybody’s time. Moreover, it shows culture, good manners and discipline. This habit is common enough in England, America, Europe because the people of those countries know the value of discipline. In India unfortunately it is not so. Owing to war, their habit has been forced upon people. But they grumble, break the Q and try to take the first chance. They behave necely if there is a policeman standing by to enforce law and order. This means that we still require a police-man to make us behave well. We do a good deed out of fear. We should rather do it because we know that is our duty to do it.

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There is also the other side. Standing in a Q in rain, wind or heat is very hard, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Nowadays we have to stand in a Q for potatoes as well as woolen cloth. Once I saw a long Q in front of a shop. I also joined thinking that something nice must be selling. After an hour my turn came. The owner asked me.” What do you want?” I said, “What do you sell?” He said, “Lipstick?” I said “Damn it? What shall I do with the lipstick! I don’t use it.” As I started to walk out of the shop, the man next to me advised me to buy it even though I did not want it. I asked him why. He said, “You can sell it to any one at double the price.” I said “No black marketing with me,” and walked out.

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