Short Paragraph on Fashion Today

By | April 12, 2019

Fashions are prevalent in all countries without exception. There is kind of romance or charm in the word “fashion.” she wields her magic want in all the walks of life. No one would dare put on the clothes which his grand father wore fifty years ago. It would require a lot courage to a citizen to furnish his house with out-of-date furniture. A lady, fights shy of wearing old fashioned ornaments. Similarly there are fashions of eating, drinking, saluting and what not.

Fashions, like woman, are frail by nature. Line roses, they blossom soon and die soon. I remember than I was a boy every cultured person used to keep fashionable sick in his hand. But now these are conspicuous by their absence. Once youths were fond of French-cut of the moustaches, now of cure the young and old all are found clean-shaven. At one time ladies combed their hair as fans on their, ears, but now simplicity’ has become a fashion. Ornaments of ladies such as ear-rings, bangles, bracelets, etc. undergo constant changes under the patronage of fashions. Nowadays many college girls have adopted the fashion of wearing their saris after the manner of Bengali ladies.

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Fashions of eating, drinking, speaking, saluting, etc. are changed bgy aristocrats. Fashions of ornaments, clothes and furniture are changed by jewellers, tailors and furnishers. Sometimes we get inspiration from slims and cinema stars. Even illustrated newspapers start fashions. Sometimes when we fail to find new fashions, we resort to old customs. What was then marked with simplicity attains the glory of being fashionable. Do we not find the most enlightened ladies wearing saris and ornaments of old patterns which our grandmothers used to put on? If fashions are romantic, they are also tyrannous. You are forced to change your clothes, furniture, and ornaments to suit the prevailing fashion.

This mans waste of money. I think even the rich must be feeling the pinch of changing fashion. The origin of fashions is found in our desire to look smart, attractive and markedly distinct from others. All persons, like lambs in the herd, follow such fashion and make it a dull thing of the past.

The earlier the world is free from the tyranny of fashions, the e in better well it be for all concerned.

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