Short Paragraph on Cheerfulness

By | April 12, 2019

“Life is a tragedy to those who feel, and a comedy to those who think.” This beautiful remark shows that if we are sentimental, life becomes an unbearable burden to us and our life becomes a burden to others. If we are easily disheartened, disappointed, depressed and gloomy, life is a tragedy to us. There are few pleasures and few interests in such a life. But if we take everything not sentimentally but rationally with a cool head cheerfully, life is a comedy to us. There are few difficulties and hardships of life which cannot be overcome with · cheerfulness. Cheerfulness not only makes us happy but also others *happy. A cheerful person with his soft, sweet but bright face is always welcome in any home. But cheerfulness poem not mean boisterousness. It does not mean that in order to impress others with our cheerfulness, we should always laugh loudly in and out of season, or cut untimely jokes and hit a friend on the back to show how cheerful we are, cheerfulness is a mental quality. Laughter is a physical feat. Cheerfulness expresses itself in a bright soft smile-which show that your outlook and philosophy of life is that life is worth living. The gloomy fellows also live life-they eat and drink and sleep but they live their life as if under protest-as unwillingly. Sometimes cheerfulness is affected by our physical constitution. If our health is not good, we cannot be cheerful. It is difficult to smile when our head is splitting with a headache. It is difficult to joke when the temperature is 104 degrees.

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Thus physical fitness plays no small a part in keeping us ourselves cheerful. Cheerfulness makes our work easier. A cheerful man covers five miles as if he has covered only a mile a gloomy man walks only a mile and is so much tired that he thinks he has walked five miles.

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