Paragraph on Adventures of a Rupee

By | April 12, 2019


  • Born in Peru.
  • Voyage to Karachi.
  • Adventures and ordeals.
  • At the bottom of the pond.
  • Life with a miser.
  • Rescue by a their.

Soon after I was abed I fell insensibly into a most unaccountable dream, Me thought the rupee that lay upon the table stood itself upon its edge, and turning the face towards me opened it mouth, and in a soft silvery voice started talking to me.

I was born on the side of a mountain, near a little village of Faizpur and I made a voyage to Pakistan in 1964. I was soon taken out in of my dirty form and was refined of my dirt and dross. I had to pass through the fire of adversity. My body was now white like the light of the moon. Before I could start in search of adventures in this great world I had to pass through one ceremony. Along with others; I was taken to a place which you people call ‘mint.’ It was all jingling with sound. There they stamped me a Government of Pakistan coin.

A Day in the Life of a Station Master Paragraph

After that, I rambled and visited all parts of this vast country. I was shifted from hand to hand until, I think, I must have gone round the whole of Pakistan. [the_ad id=”17141″]

We rupees love nothing so much as traveling. I sometimes fetched fruits, sometimes books and often had the satisfaction of buying a ticket of a dramatic show for my master.

Once my master used me in the Id festival and the boy took me home. He handed me over to his mother who in turn bought some cloth and paid me over to the merchant. The merchant kept me in his pocket for some days. As ill luck would have, it, the merchant’s wife took her husbands coat for washing to the pond but forgot to take me out. I was dropped and lost in the water. A fisherman accidentally diving into the water, found me and bought sweets.

During the last few years I have had many adventures. I charged hands rapidly until I fell into the hand of a miser; who locked me in his coffer for a few days and then, one dark night he dug a deep hole in the ground and placed me there along with a thousand more like me. But after a few days when my master was fast asleep, a thief took me and someone hundred more to the market. The police, it seems were after him. The arrested him and seized all his money. I am now lying on your table.

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