My Most Prized Possession Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

I open my jewellery box and pick up a tiny pair of gold stud earring nestled in one corner. I held one of them up to my ear and smiled in the mirror. I looked a spitting image of my grandmother when she was my age. These earrings once belonged to her; now they belonged to me. Every time I wore them, I felt connected to her even though she is no longer amongst us. I like to think that she is looking down at me from heaven and smiling.

My grandmother used to tell me that when I was a toddler and she’d pick me up in her arms I would reach out and touch her earrings. Shortly after I learnt how to talk I even told her that her earrings were pretty. She was so entertained by my fascination with her earrings that she decided she would give them to me some day. As I grew older other things caught my eye. I forgot the earrings and moved on to toys and dolls and stuffed animals. My grandmother never forgot my early obsession with her earrings and eventually gifted them to me when I graduated from high school. [the_ad id=”17141″]

It turned out that there was a reason that she hadn’t given them to me earlier on. The earrings had been a gift from my grandfather on their first wedding anniversary. It was the first piece of jewellery he had chosen on his own. My grandmother’s wedding jewellery had been chosen by her mother-in-law as was customary in those days. Since the day she got them, my grandmother had worn them almost every single day. I was touched that my grandmother was giving me something that had such a lot of sentimental value for her. Now the earrings would remind me not only of my grandmother but also of my grandfather.

An Experience That Helped Me Grow Up Paragraph

My grandmother passed away last year and left behind a legacy of memories of laughter. Sometimes I want to be able to go back in time to hear high and hold her hand one more time. She was such a stunningly beautiful woman with a passionate zeal for life that she was admired by everyone who knew her. Her earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry because they were once part of her life. I fi clasp them onto my ears and hope some part of me has inherited her zest for life.

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