Inside a Spaceship Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

From the window I gazed at my fields, where a large object had crashed a few moments earlier. I grabbed my jacket and headed outside to make sure the crash hadn’t led to a fire. I had worked hard all year round and didn’t want a fire ravaging my precious corn fields. As I neared the site of the crash I could see a large circular metallic object the size of my barn. The impact of the crash had led to the ground caving so that it couldn’t be sighted from a distance.

It looked as though it was made of a shiny gray metal. As I reached out to feel it, all of a sudden a gap appeared and I seemed to be pulled in. The moment I was in, the gap disappeared of its own accord and I couldn’t see any switch or device to open it again. I turned around and saw that the walls were covered with half a dozen screens of varying sizes. Some screens showed the view of the site of the crash while others seemed to be showing images that could’ve only been taken in space. Many of the tiny screens appeared to be gauged with flickering needles or graphs that changed every other minute. I had never seen anything like this in my life. [the_ad id=”17141″]

While all of this was very fascinating I had realized by now that I was trapped in what appeared to be an alien spaceship. All I wanted to do was to safely exit it before anything untoward happened. I began pressing on the wall where a gap had appeared that had sucked me in. A strange phenomenon began to happen. The wall began to glow where I touched it and all of a sudden the air was filled with the smell of sweet corn and roses. The next time I touched the wall I got sprayed in the face with a clear green liquid that tasted oddly like chicken soup.

A Villager’s First Visit to a City Paragraph

I touched the wall at another place once more to try to make a gap appear so I could escape. However, the instant I touched it again a very loud, shrill noise pierced the room. I covered my ears with my jacket and proceeded to touch the wall in numerous places before I became completely deaf. To my luck a large gap soon appeared into the wall and I jumped outside without a moment’s thought. I decided to run back home and inform the local authorities about my find. I was only midway home when I heard a mild explosion. The circular object had gained height and soon vanished into the clouds leaving behind only the ditch as a confirmation that the whole event hadn’t been a figment of my imagination.

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