Do Not Leap in the Dark Moral Story

By | April 24, 2019

The introduction:

“Look before you leap” is a well-known proverb or saying quoted all over the world. It means that we should be very careful in taking an important decision. We all know that haste makes waste. An unwise step in life can land us in dangerous situations The story of the goat jumping into the well teaches this very fact to us. We are also like the goat quite often crying over our losses. Augustus Caesar said long ago: “Hasten (make haste) slowly and check yourself before taking a step.”

The Story

Once there was a fox. He fell into a well, which was without much water. The fox tried hard to come out, but he could not succeed. A goat came near the well. He heard the cries of the fox coming from its bottom. He looked into the well and was surprised to see the fox there. The fox asked the goat to jump into the well, as its water was cool and sweet. The goat really jumped into the well. It wanted to drink the sweet water. The fox was very clever. He jumped on the back of the goat. Then it easily jumped out of the well, and as easily walked away from the scene. The goat started crying, as it was helpless in the well and none could help him. A frog under the water heard the cries of the goat. It came up to the surface and spoke to it thus, “I feel your trouble. But do not cry now. Think of the ways of saving yourself.” Never act in haste like the goat. Euripides (yoo-rip’i-deez’-a famous Greek dramatist said: “Among human beings, second thoughts are wisest.”


  • Look before you leap (jump).
  • Learn caution from the misfortunes of others.
  • Look before you leap.
  • Consider your decision wisely before taking it.

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