Be Careful What You Wish for – Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

It was my eleventh birthday and I was feeling nothing short of a princess. My parents had left no detail out; my birthday cake was a three-tier scrumptious piece of artwork, my dress was an endless ensemble of pink ribbons and beads. All my friends had been invited to my princess themed birthday party. It was a day I had looked forward to for a month. Now that it was finally here I wanted to cherish each and every moment.

I looked happily across the room at a huge pile of presents that were just waiting to be opened. I was sure one of the boxes contained the angel Barbie doll that I had lingered over at the toy store. Soon it was time to cut the cake. All my friends gathered around me and in chorus sang my birthday song. A moment before I blew out my candles I smiled and wished that this day would go on and on.

That night when I went to sleep, I smiled to myself as I thought about my perfect birthday party. I told myself I had to wait another year for such a day again. However, the next morning when I woke up I was surprised to find my father hanging up bright pink balloons in the living room. Noticing me he said, [the_ad id=”17141″]

“Happy birthday Tanya. You’re going to have an amazing party today. Just wait till you see the cake your mother got you.”

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I went to find my mother in the kitchen where she was busy putting the final touches on my birthday cake that I had cut yesterday. When she saw me she came over and gave me a big hug and wished me a happy birthday. All of a sudden I realized what had happened. I had become trapped in my eleventh birthday party because of my birthday wish. Just to confirm one more time I checked the date and time on my computer in case my parents were playing a cruel prank on me. With a resounding heart I realized that according to the date on the computer it was still my birthday.

I didn’t know who to confide to without sounding insane. I didn’t want to live in my birthday over and over again. I had already lived it; I had already enjoyed it. I wanted the next day to appear as it normally did. Despite my worries the rest of the day went by like a well-rehearsed play except I didn’t seem to be enjoying myself as much as I had the first time round. I was desperately trying to come to terms with the consequences of my wish but I couldn’t. I had to think of something. Suddenly it struck me that it would be time to cut my cake soon. I could wish for everything to be normal again. I wished I’d had thought of that before.

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