Autobiography of a Watch – Paragraph

Five years ago I was born in Switzerland. I travelled in a big steamer and came to Pakistan. Then I was exhibited in big showroom. From there a rich man-bought me and took me to his place.

For one month I slept on my velleity bed. one morning I was awakened and polished. That very day my master presented me to his friend. At his place I was very happy. Gradually I contracted friendship with his ring and fountain pen.

Once my master forgot me on his table. Hence his cook stole me away. He then sold me to a watch-repairer. The latter in turn sold me to a teacher. I had to serve him for longer hours. Once his son took me and while playing, dropped me on the ground. I was severely injured.

Paragraph on The Happiest Day of My Life

On the next day I was sent for repairs. The repairer took our good parts from me and substituted second-hand parts. He repaired me no doubt, but I lost my former regularity. Getting tired of me, my master sold me to a peon. He got me polished and gave me as a present to his son-in-law, who happens to be a police constable. Hence I have to work had with him. Sometimes I have to wake up till late at night. Sometimes I have to get up early in the morning. But I get pleasure in visiting the police station and various courts. Moreover, I come in touch of different persons and things. Though my vitality has. decreased, I am very happy.

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