An incident when I got lost Paragraph

By | April 15, 2019

I was barely more than three feet tall at the time. The world seemed to be full of giants who could trample me easily. It was always safe to firmly clutch my mother’s dress in one hand. I could tug on it whenever I felt the necessity to bring her attention to something or simply tell her to pick me up. Needless to say I felt safest when I was in her arms held high above the ground with a seemingly bird’s eye view of the world.

My mother and grandmother had decided to go shopping and my persistent whining had ensured that I be taken with them. We stepped inside a busy store where shopkeepers would roll out vibrantly coloured cloth at a customer’s whim. All the sand colours seemed more or less the same to me. While my mother and my grandmother were busy going through different samples of unstitched cloth my attention had shifted to the clear glass walls through which I could see the traffic zooming by.

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After a while I tugged at my mother’s dress to get her attention but the face that peered down belonged to a stranger. I let go of my grip and backed a few steps. I looked around the store but I didn’t see any familiar face. Tears began to roll down my eyes as I realized that they must have left the store without me. I ran out of the store towards the parking lot to look for our car. First I ran in one direction and then in the other but I could spot neither my mother nor our car. [the_ad id=”17141″]

At that point I began crying in earnest, enough to attract the attention of several passersby. One of them came towards me and asked me where my mother was. He was dressed casually in faded blue jeans and a T-shirt and was most probably a college student. All I knew at that time was that no one was paying any attention to my mishap but him so I let him pick me up. He asked me again where my mother was. I racked my brains and then randomly pointed at a shop.

Meanwhile, my mother and grandmother were worried sick when they realized that I wasn’t with them. They had wandered off to another corner of the store without noticing that I had grabbed another lady’s dress by mistake thinking it was my mother. Since they couldn’t find me anywhere in the store they began searching in other shops. They were coming out of one of the shops when they spotted me being carried by a stranger. With a huge sigh of relief they rushed towards me. I smiled and waved at them. After my scary adventure I was ecstatic to be rejoined with my mother.

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