An Experience That Left Me Disillusioned Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

I graduated from my college as the class valedictorian. At my convocation ceremony, I spotted my parents in the crowd and waved to them wildly. It was difficult for me to contain my emotions as years of hard work finally paid off. All through school and college, I had focused my energy on my books while other students engaged in social and extracurricular activities. The weight of the gold medal that hung around neck seemed to reassure me that my perseverance would be well rewarded.

Shortly after graduation, I applied for a job at a well-renowned firm, Stegon Financial. Even though it was undoubtedly one of the best firms in the area I had no qualms about being called for an interview. As expected, two weeks later I received a letter in the mail inviting me for an interview a week later. I felt a heavy burden lift off my chest. Once I had a job I would finally be able to show my gratitude to my parents for their countless support over the years.

Autobiography of a Hotel Boy – Paragraph

On the day of the interview I arrived well before time in order to soothe my frayed nerves. There were several applicants for the job but I kept reassuring myself of my brilliant credentials. Needless to say, I breezed through my interview confidently. The interview was conducted by two stern faced gentlemen both of whom commented on my brilliant academic performance while going through my curriculum vitae (that I’d created with a free cv builder). As with the other contenders, I was wished good luck and told that the candidate chosen will be informed within a week. The next week passed by at an astonishingly slow pace. Finally, the day arrived when there was a letter in the mail addressed to me.

I took it to my parents so they could share my happiness. However, when I tore open the envelope the first sentence read, “We regret to inform you…. It was with great difficulty that I came to terms with this news. Later on, I heard that the coveted job had been given to the Senior Manager’s nephew. He had been my senior at college but because of failing some courses, he had graduated a year later with my class. The unfair decision to hire him instead of me made me feel as though I had been awarded a cheap plastic trophy at my convocation instead of a gold medal.

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