An Experience That I Had Involving an Animal Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

It had been one of those days when the chill of winter is transitioning into the mellowness of spring. Since it was the weekend I decided to finish the mystery novel that I had started reading two weeks ago. I settled into a comfortable chair in my garden and after several minutes found myself dozing off. Amidst my rampant dreams of murder and mystery I woke up to loud yelping. To my surprise I found our next door neighbor’s dog, Sparky at my feet.

Sparky often made his way into our garden and then demanded a game of catch with a little red ball that he carried in his mouth. I squinted my eyes and searched around for a ball but couldn’t find any. May be Sparky had lost his precious ball and wanted me to find it for him. To save time I decided to give him an old cricket ball that I found lying around in the garden. I threw it in one corner of the garden waiting for him to bring it back to me. Instead Sparky remained budged to his position next to me and kept barking.

A rolling stone gathers no moss (300 Words)

Without warning in the next moment Sparky ran off, back to his home I presumed to search for his missing ball. However, he returned shortly thereafter and continued to act in the same manner as before. When he repeated this performance one more time I decided to follow Sparky to our next door neighbour’s home to figure out the reason for his bizarre behaviour. The main door was already half way open and Sparky disappeared behind it. I pushed open the door and found my neighbour, Mr Zubair unconscious on the floor, clutching his chest.

Without wasting any more time I called the ambulance and then his wife who had been out grocery shopping. Within minutes I heard the wailing siren of an ambulance which escorted Mr. Zubair to the nearest hospital. He was diagnosed with a heart attack which he, fortunately, survived because of rapid intervention at the hospital. Had it not been for Sparky that day, Mr Zubair would’ve probably lain there for a few hours before anyone discovered him. Needless to say Sparky received countless praises and a lot of meaty treats for his heroism.

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