An Experience I Have Had That Would Be Hard to Forget Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

It was a beautiful windy day in March when the sun seemed to be at its best behaviour. I was on a bus that was headed up north to a hill station, Murree along with two of my friends, Tanya and Fatima. We had planned to go camping for several days during our spring break before we returned to our mundane routine. I smiled to myself as I watched the trees and roads flash by. It was a welcome sight to be far away from the city.

Just as I settling comfortably in my seat to take a small nap, the bus violently lurched forward. To avoid an oncoming speeding car our bus driver had swerved and run into a huge tree instead. The sheer force of collision had thrown passengers from their seats many of whom hadn’t been wearing seat belts. The powerful impact of my head with the seat in front of me left me dazed for a few minutes. When I regained my senses, I felt excruciating pain in my left arm which was now aligned at an odd angle.

Pleasant or Unpleasant Surprise – Paragraph

Tanya, who had been sitting next to me, was holding her head in her hands. An ugly, discoloured bruise had appeared on her forehead. Fatima seemed to have luck on her side because she was among the passengers who had made it through the accident unscathed. Worrying lines were etched on her face as she helped Tanya vomit into a plastic bag. Looking at my distorted arm, she searched for a painkiller in her bag. Soon the wailing sirens of ambulances and police cars could be heard in the distance. For the first time in my life, my ears welcomed this sound.

Along with a dozen other injured passengers, Tanya and I were shifted into ambulances to be taken to the nearest hospital. Fatima stayed behind to help other passengers and to make sure our luggage was safe. Even though the bus had been damaged and many passengers had been injured, fortunately, there had been no fatalities. Had I known that our camping trip would be jeopardized in this manner, I would’ve never convinced my friends to go with me. It turned out that I ended up with a cast on my arm for weeks while Tanya got treated for a concussion. The only highlight of our adventure was our appearance of a few seconds on a news channel which had covered the accident.

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