An Emotional Experience Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

She stood in front of the abandoned house with chipped paint, broken windows and ghosts of her past. A stone lay at her feet and she longed to pick it up and hurl it at the house where she had spent some of the most miserable and lonely years of her life. The day she had left the orphanage her foster parents had promised her that she would never return. Yet twenty years later by a twist of fate, she had turned up at the very same house.

Arriana’s parents died in a car accident when she had only been seven years old. She had memories of her mother’s laughter and her father’s soothing voice which would come alive in her dreams at night. Every morning she would wake up with tears in her eyes; every day she’d pray that her parents would magically return but they never did. Her only living relative was her father’s brother who didn’t even turn up for the funeral. Subsequently, Arriana was shifted to the orphanage and told that this was her new home.

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Her new home was shared by fifty other children and five stern matrons who never hesitated to use their firm hand on any child who misbehaved in their dictionary. Meals were provided sparingly and tasted edible only in conditions of starvation. One day after Ariana accidentally broke a vase she was told that her parents had left her because she had been a disobedient and a naughty child. That night she was deprived of dinner, so she went to bed and cried herself to sleep with an empty stomach and a heavy heart.

Three forlorn years went by in which Arriana learnt to keep her spirits up despite the gloominess that was a perpetual part of the orphanage. Finally, one day, as if by magic a couple came who decided to adopt Arriana. They had kind eyes that reminded Arriana of her parents. From that day onwards her nightmare ended and she learnt to put the past behind her. Twenty years later Arriana chanced upon the now abandoned building while driving in a distant part of town. She stood before it for a few moments and said a silent prayer for both her real parents and her foster parents. Then she turned to go, shoving the memories of the orphanage into oblivion where they belonged.

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