A Waiting Room Paragraph

As I step into the room, I quickly glance at my watch once again. Fortunately, I am right on time for my doctor’s appointment. I walk towards the bespectacled receptionist and tell her that I’m here for my appointment. After jotting down my name she informs me that Dr. Shakil is running late and will see me within half an hour. I shrug off my annoyance with the thought that everyone deserves a break now and then.

I make way to a black leather sofa that creaks slightly as I sit down. I shift my weight slightly to make myself more comfortable. Seated across from me are several other patients. One of them is a middle-aged man with a well-burgeoned paunch scowling into a newspaper. Every now and then he shifts his gaze to a large wall clock that has a prominent pharmaceutical logo inscribed on it. Despite his reticent anger the hands of the clock continue moving at their own pace. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Two women are also waiting in silence for their respective appointments. One of them casually flipping through a fashion magazine and seems to be least concerned with the happenings around her. However, the lady seated next to her looks as pale as a ghost with huge shadows under her eyes. Her eyes seem to be focused on a wall that contains neither a clock nor any health related posters. I wonder what the reason for her plight is.

Paragraph on the Constituents of a Happy Life

To help pass the time I browse through a health magazine that placed on a side table next to my sofa. I am slightly miffed to realize that it is the same magazine that I read at my last visit here. Nonetheless, I flip through it once more nonchalantly. A few moments later a young woman holding a baby in her arm enters the room and heads straight towards the receptionist. Soon a heated argument ensues in which the young woman demands to be seen immediately by the doctor.

After fuming for a few more minutes the young woman leaves the waiting room but not before slamming the door. I rub my right temple; my headache has gone from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. I retrieve a water bottle from my purse and take a sip. I wish I hadn’t been on time for my appointment. Just then the receptionist calls out the name of the patient who can now see the doctor. Fortunately, it is mine. The burdensome wait is over.

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