A Vacation When I Had an Unexpected Surprise Paragraph

By | April 16, 2019

Last year two of my friends and I decided to spend two weeks in the small town of Kachibasti. A huge spring festival had been planned there for the next few days and we wanted to document this cultural event on film. When we reached Kachibasti after a long, tiring drive we found that the only available hotel didn’t have any room available. A bellboy gave us directions to some nearby houses where lodging may be available. We soon came to an old fashioned brick house where we were informed that a room was available.

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The next morning after eating a hearty breakfast we decided to head out to the festival. People from all over the country had come to experience it. It was spectacular display of colour and life in the form of stalls selling handmade trinkets and children enjoying various rides with their parents. At lunchtime we decided to return to our guesthouse.

When we opened our room, it took us few seconds to realize that our luggage was gone. Somebody must’ve crept into our room with a spare key because there was no sign of any break in. Jibran stormed off downstairs to talk to the landlord while Nasir and I followed him. The landlord seemed just as perplexed as we were with the situation. He had no idea how our luggage could’ve gone missing. He himself had been at the spring festival since morning with his wife and children and had just returned a while back.

After questioning the servants it was discovered that one of them called Yaqoob had been missing since a few hours. It turned out that Yaqoob had indeed managed to sneak out our luggage that had contained our clothes along with cash. Even though we did inform the police they were unable to apprehend the thief. Our embarrassed landlord eventually offered to compensate us for our loss. However, it was evident that he himself didn’t have much money to spare. We finally agreed to pay half of the bill for our stay there. Fortunately, the rest of our trip turned out to be very pleasant, so we returned home two weeks later with no regrets.

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