A Time When I Was Frightened Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

A storm was brewing outside and I was home alone. My father was on a business trip and my mother and sister were visiting my aunt who lived a few blocks away. I had insisted on staying at home because I had a test of Chemistry the next morning. From my window I could see gusts of wind swirling like an untamed ballerina. Angry gray clouds had gathered and were welcomed by booming thunder.

The relentless downpour continued as I tried unsuccessfully to focus on my Chemistry book. My eyes wandered to the window once more where I spotted a haggard looking man sheltering beneath a tree. I dismissed him as another homeless man and once more turned my attention to my book. Suddenly the light turned out. The timing of the power outage couldn’t have been worse.

I Will Always Remember You Paragraph

Since I wouldn’t be able to get much studying done I decided to head downstairs to see if I could find a snack. Before my foot had touched the first step I heard a door being slammed loudly. Without waiting to find out how it happened I rushed back inside my room and locked it. My mind wandered to the homeless man whom I had seen from my window. I had heard enough stories about robberies and murders to make me want to hide under the bed.

I decided to call my mother but after rummaging in my bag I realized that I had left it in the living room downstairs. My heart began to beat faster with the thought that there may be an intruder in the house. There was no way I could escape from a window because it had bars across it. I looked around for a heavy object to throw at the intruder in case he tried to break into my room.

My haphazard scheming was rudely interrupted by a loud knock on my door. Without a moment’s hesitation, I picked up my bedside lamp and stood waiting. Instead of my door being broken down, I heard a familiar voice say:

“Minahil we’re home. Open the door.”

With a huge sigh of relief bordering on embarrassment, I put the lamp down. The voice belonged to my mother.

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