A Time When I Was Disappointed Paragraph

By | April 18, 2019

I stirred the boiling mixture once more and then added the final ingredient; a glistening crow’s feather that I had managed to acquire that morning. The simmering mixture began to change from a bright orange to a deep blue colour. It smelled faintly of roses but I eyed it with doubt. According to the book of potions I had found in my late father’s room, this potion would forever cure a werewolf. He or she would never again transform into a werewolf every fortnight after drinking it. However, for this to work, a werewolf had to drink it on the day he or she were born.

I carefully poured the deep blue liquid into a small bottle and then headed to my room. I knew that the slightest mistake in making the potion could lead to disastrous consequences but I felt I had no choice. I had been a werewolf for as long as I could remember. Before every full moon I would helplessly change into a snarling wolf over whom I had little control. I have no memory of what happened the last time I transformed into a wolf but when I resumed my human form, I had nasty gashes on my arms. My body ached as though it had run a hundred miles. After this episode, my longing to vanquish my helplessness increased. I felt that finding my father’s potion book was a sign that it was time for me to lead a normal human life.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I stared at the deep blue liquid that I was about to drink. A fear of the unknown crept into me. There was no shortage of tales involving mishaps because of faulty potions. I tried to keep hideous thoughts out of my mind but the sense of dread refused to go away. I looked at the clock and realized that after four hours my birthday would be over. The window of opportunity would be gone. Realizing precious moments were being wasted, I gathered courage and drank the entire bottle in one go. It tasted like honey. I waited for something to happen.

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When nothing happened, my heart somersaulted inside me with happiness. I had survived the potion. I knew that I would find out soon if it worked or not. It was to be a full moon that night. I threw open my window panes and waited for the full moon to appear. With butterflies in my stomach, I stared defiantly at the full moon as it emerged from the clouds. To my jubilance, I remained in my human form. The potion had worked. Suddenly, without warning thick hair sprouted on my arms and the transformation from man to beast began. Disappointment reigned in me as I lost my last coherent thought and began howling at the moon.

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