A Time When I Was Angry Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

My nostrils flared as I stared in disbelief at a pile of muddied clothes that lay in the corner of my room. From a distance it looked as though that pile may have contained my new dress that I let my sister borrow the day before. I unraveled the pile to confirm my suspicion. It turned out that not only was my new dress muddied but it was also torn in several places. I let out a sigh of frustration as I seethed in anger.

When I had lent my dress to Natalia I had specifically told her to take good care of it as I hadn’t yet had a chance to wear it. It seemed that my sister hadn’t bothered about my instructions at all. If she had been standing there I would’ve wanted to shake some sense into her. I ran my hand through a long tear in my dress. There was no way that it could be repaired now even if the mud stains were miraculously removed. I silently fumed wondering how to get back at my sister for destroying my new dress and not even bothering to tell me about it.

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Just as vicious thoughts were going through my head about Natalia, she opened my bedroom door and froze in mid-air. I glared at her and scolded her for ruining my expensive dress. It had taken me two months to save up to buy that dress which she had ravaged in less than a day. Unexpectedly my scathing tirade brought tears to Natalia’s eyes. Wiping away her tears she explained how she got chased by a dog and had fallen into a puddle. She had meant to tell me about the incident yesterday but I had been at a friend’s place for a sleepover.

Somehow after listening to my sister’s side of the story my anger melted away. Nonetheless, Natalia felt extremely sorry for ruining my dress and promised to buy me another one as soon as she saved up. Afterward, I realized that it hadn’t been Natalia’s fault so I told her that she didn’t need to buy me another dress. Her apology was sufficient. However, a month later Natalia bought me that very same dress which I now share with her. I’ve realized that even if it had been her fault it is futile to stay angry at someone for too long.

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