A Rebellious Act Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

The little boy in the torn tattered clothes entered the farmer’s market and looked around. There was food everywhere, displayed on wooden stalls, in shopping bags, in children’s hands. His stomach growled unceremoniously at the thought of so much food. He hadn’t had a bite since yesterday afternoon. There hadn’t been enough food at home for dinner or breakfast the next day so he had decided to set out to find some. He had no experience of begging for food but he felt like doing it now. Every time he tried approaching someone to ask for food he felt as though his tongue was tied up in knots.

A few steps away from him he spotted two boys around his age licking enormous ice cream cones. He kept staring at the cones wondering how it would taste if it would melt in his mouth, if it would be able to quench his hunger pangs. Suddenly one of the boys dropped his barely finished cone into the trash can. The little boy felt his heart stop for a second. He would’ve gladly eaten the leftover ice cream cone. His misery increased a notch. He had no energy to think about the injustice that had just happened.[the_ad id=”17141″]

He kept walking hoping that a kind soul would notice his sad eyes and give him some food but no one did. They kept walking past him as though he was invisible. He spotted a vacant bench in the distance. Somebody had left half empty bottle of coke there. To him it looked half full. He grabbed it and downed it in a matter of seconds. It left a sweet aftertaste in his mouth making him yearn for more. Finally, the little boy decided that enough was enough. His hunger pangs were exponentially increasing by the minute and the overhead sun was making him light headed. He gathered his wits and went up to the nearest lady to beg for food.

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“Please ma’am can I have some money?”

The little boy’s plea was met with a scornful glare and nothing more. He watched the lady walk over to a food stall and buy herself a pastry. The acid in his stomach turned stronger. He went up to the nearest food stall and from the distance looked at the selection of food. He quietly snuck up and grabbed a chicken sandwich and then bolted as fast as his little body could take him. If the world wasn’t going to show him some kindness he would have to depend on himself for survival. He never had a chance to look back so he never saw the kind old lady who saw him run away with the sandwich and paid for it because she didn’t want him eating stolen food.

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