A Memorable Wedding Paragraph

By | April 17, 2019

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I was very pleased with my pink dress and ribbons in my hair. In the same room my aunts and my mother were busy fussing over their own hair and dresses. Last minute cause for panic seemed to include a missing mascara and a zip that wouldn’t seem to budge. The bride’s house was teeming with friends and family, some of whom had travelled across the oceans to make it to the wedding.

The bride was my youngest aunt, who was having the final touches done to her makeup. With so much going on around her, she looked too preoccupied to be frazzled. In fact I had never seen her look so calm and ethereally beautiful as she did that day. Soon the guests started arriving and were greeted with broad smiles by my mother and aunt. I shyly stood beside my mother smiling at the relatives who would look at me and then claim:

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“Oh look how she’s grown up.”

A lot of women had adorned their hair with garlands of jasmine and their hands with intricate henna patterns. The air lingered with pleasant smells and a festive mood that was highly contagious. When it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle the music slowed down to a mellow pace. My grandfather looked regal and immensely proud of his daughter as he walked beside her. The wedding ceremony was followed by traditional dances by enthusiastic guests who would’ve continued all night had dinner not been announced.

Dinner was an extravagant meal by the end of which I wished I had room for more. My younger cousins seemed to be thinking along a similar line as I saw them make a beeline for the dessert. Everyone had been enjoying the wedding so much that they overlooked that it was soon time for the bride and bridegroom to leave for their honeymoon. Amid happy tears and an emotional goodbye, the newly-wed couple was soon on their way. As everyone waved to them, I silently said goodbye to one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever been to.

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