Short Paragraph on Self Control

By | March 18, 2019

Self-control is the most essential element of character. Without it, no character is possible. All true growth implies restraint. In Sanskrit books, the human body is compared to a chariot, the five senses or the horses are not kept under restraint, they will run away with the driver and throw him into a pit. These five senses should, therefore he kept in check. The mind of man is very restless. Unless it is controlled, it will lead him astray. All evil passions, all evil thoughts should be driven out; we should not give a loose rein to our feelings and impulses. We must check and suppress anger, ‘count ten,’ says a proverb.

If a tender plant is not cut and pruned and protected from all evil influences, it will not grow. Similarly, a young man who is not properly guided. not checked from evil and turned towards. good, and who is allowed to go as he likes, and as his whims lead him, will never develop a good character. It is quite possible that he will mar his life. In future, he may get into trouble. That is why, it is very important to have self-control. Man has surrounded by temptations, and if he has not disciplined himself by patient self-control, he is sure to fall an easy victim to them. Self-control is the only means of developing and strengthening character. It requires practice and a young man who neglects this important duty will form loose habits, and will never grow strong and good.

The pages from the history show that the people who had self-control made their marks and got their aims. For true progress, it is important to have self-control.

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