Short Paragraph on Discipline (450 Words)

By | March 18, 2019

By discipline, we understand that training which makes us active in accordance with certain prescribed rules and in implicit obedience to the orders of a superior authority. Complete obedience, without questioning the propriety or otherwise of the commands of a superior, is thus an essential factor of discipline. Every civilized society rests upon the solid foundation of discipline, for without it there would be no order or regularity but only chaos and disorder. What the rudder is to the ship, the sting is to the bee, the horns are to the hull, that is discipline to life. Just as it is impossible for a ship to sail over the sea with safety without a rudder, being entirely at the mercy of the winds and waves, so it is impossible for a man to pass through the journey of life with any amount of success without being protected by discipline.

It follows, therefore, that discipline is of the utmost importance to us in all spheres of life at home. in school and college and in public life. A child must be taught the value of discipline from the moment his sense is seen to develop. This will contribute to his future greatness, form his character and make him Otherwise a useful member of society. A child not subjected to discipline from his early life will acquire the habit of doing what he likes at his own sweet will and, not being mature enough to know what is for his good, will have the tendency of doing things which will be harmful to his interests. A child, who, for want of discipline, does not obey his parents or superiors, contracts vice, which, when he grows up, will have a firm hold upon him and spoil his whole career, making him unfit to associate with men. A disciplined child, on the other hand, is not a prey to all these evils and becomes a useful mån of character.[the_ad id=”17141″]

No home, if it is to be peaceful and happy, can afford to be without discipline. A home in which there is no discipline amongst its members, where everyone acts according to his own whims without paying any heed to the authority of the head of the family, can know no peace. Disorder, confusion and quarrels prevail in such a home and sooner or later such a family is sure to break up.

No less important is discipline in schools and colleges. Students should be subjected to a strict code of discipline and should be made to obey their teachers and professors implicitly and follow the rules prevailing in their institutions to the letter. Unless they are taught this, education imparted to them cannot be considered to have been complete. For, however much they may learn, whatever examinations they might pass, they cannot be called · men in the true sense of the word.

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