Paragraph on the Influence of Climate on Character

By | March 18, 2019

Climate has a great influence on character. People living in cold countries are more hardy, active, and enterprising. Those living in hot climates are ease-loving and lazy. In moist climate, people are pale-faced and slow. Of course, where the cold is intense, the people remain inactive, they cannot move about; but temperate countries, especially those situated near the coast, like England, produce energetic and enterprising men. Such a climate is highly conducive to activity. The Esquimaux of Greenland, on the other hand, are mere savages.

Punjab is a hot country, but its heat is not so intense as that of Africa, nor does it last throughout the year. Here the heat is dry, and alternates with cold: that is the reason why here we have a people known for their exceptional capacity for hard work, for their wonderful power of endurance, and for their fine physique. The Muslims command admiration wherever they go. Of course, during the hot days much work cannot be done, but the peasants who have to work in the fields even in inclement weather become accustomed to work even in the most unfavorable circumstances. In South Africa, and Punjab laborers have beaten white workmen in competition.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The people of cold countries are fond of sports, those of hot countries are more warm, affectionate, and sentimental. In polar regions; friendship, love, and warmth of feeling are unknown. Most countries are fertile, and because people get plenty to eat, they become lazy and lose the habit of work. Pakistan has different climates and consequently, you find men with different characters in different parts of the country. You have the sturdy Punjabi who is not afraid of heat and cold, and is very frank and active; you have the intelligent but cowardly Bengalese, and the rich and ease-loving people of the Gangetic valley.

As an illustration of the effect of climate on character, you may take the case of the Mughals. When they came to India. they were a race of hardy, warlike people. The cold, bracing air of their mountainous home had made them strong, but in course of time, after they had settled in the Gangetic plain for a few years, and enjoyed the delicious ease and comfort of a fertile country, they became lazy and lost their former manliness. The fascination of luxurious and comfortable living overpowered them, and they lost the virility which had made them masters of India. English men are more active and energetic than Pakistanis. A temperate climate is the best.

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