Travelling and its Educative Value (Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

“Travelling gives us new ideas and feelings, experiences and observations that shape and sharpen our personalities.”

Travelling means visiting new places, cities and countries. We may travel to famous historical buildings and places. We may travel to the cities that are centres of trade, industry or learning. We may travel through villages and towns in our country or in other countries. We learn about history when we visit historical buildings or places.

We learn about the activities of the kings or rulers who had got those buildings constructed. For example, some kings got forts constructed. When we visit these forts, we come to know how much those kings were interested in fighting and defence. When we go round their beautiful palaces, we learn how much they were interested in art or architecture (the art of building).[the_ad id=”17141″]

While travelling we learn about the different trades and professions of the people. When we go to the different provinces and districts of our country, we learn how the people earn their living and how they spend their free (leisure) time. So also we learn about the trades and professions of the people of another country while travelling through it. We may travel through the cities that are centres of learning. We may visit colleges and universities in them.

We may meet teachers and scholars and learn from their talk. We may. visit libraries and learn about new books, and may read some if we like. The best way of learning facts about other societies or countries is to stay in its different cities, towns or villages one after another. There we may go to business centres, educational institutions, offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs, cinema-houses, etc.

Travelling really teaches us much and makes us experienced and wise. Famous travellers have left behind interesting and useful books called travelogues. While reading them we feel as if we ourselves are moving with the writers through different societies. Thus, We need to establish travel societies in our cities and towns.

These societies can arrange meetings of those fond of traveling where famous travelers can lecture to their benefit. Tours through the country and to other countries can be arranged with mutual co-operation. The Tourism Department of the government can work together with these travel societies for better results.


  • what traveling means in the context of this essay

  • advantages of traveling

  • the best way of learning facts through traveling

  • the travelogues or books of travel by famous writers.

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