The Summer Season English Short Essay

By | January 2, 2019

 “Summer has greater joys in the west and fewer in the east because of geographical and civilizational reasons.”

The summer season in our country is welcome perhaps in the northern, hilly areas and in the cold belts in Balochistan. Elsewhere, in the plains especially, with most of the country’s population living in thousands of villages and hundreds of towns and cities, the summer season is unwelcome to most poor people living in ordinary houses or to wage earners. Of course, our farmers welcome it for professional reasons when the wheat crop is ready for harvesting in May and most fruits and vegetables ripen to be taken to the markets for rich monetary returns (gains). Otherwise, no one generally welcomes the summer season joyfully and hopefully.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The summer season sets in (begins) after the spring is over at the end of April. But so fitful (irregular) are the arrivals and departures of seasons that sometimes we find summer over-staying (over-stretching) beyond September.

Every season has its pleasures and pains like every rose with so many thorns. The summer comes with its lengthier days, which are a blessing for constructors of buildings, farmers and gardeners in the open fields, researchers of metals, stones and plants, in forests and valleys and tourists and visitors traveling to distant mountains. All these people welcome the summer, and others like teachers and students and judges and court workers value it because it brings the glorious long vacation. But serious students, office workers, library goers and girls and women working honestly at home can easily count the ills of summer.

Indoors, we can cool our rooms with fans (but fans also provide hot air in dry hot weather), coolers and air-conditioners. Outdoors, we do travel in air-conditioned cars and buses, trains and airplanes, but when we’get out of them, there is no escape from the intense heat (that is high in degree). It is only light or heavy rains for hours that provide true relief in summer. But after it stops raining, the sun again starts smiling critically. The air is still. Therefore, we feel hot, and cannot breathe at ease.

Rains sometimes bring floods in their wake (after them), and then the summer becomes the greatest curse on earth. The plains suffer the most as all rivers flow over them for long distances. For richer people or for those having lots of free (leisure) time on their hands the mountains or hills are the most important. Such people rush northward to spend time liberally at mountain resorts (places where lots of people go on holiday). So, the mountains or hilly areas are a gift of the summer season that we should enjoy to the utmost.

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