The Role of Science in Modern Life (Outlines Essay)

By | January 1, 2019

“Science has raised us to the highest level of existence.”

We are living in a world of science and machinery. The wonders of modern science are so many that we need a book to describe them. Here let us discuss some uses of science.

The radio and television worked with electric power, come at the top of scientific inventions. Now through artificial satellites, the people of one country can watch television programmes of other countries. Scientific inventions like the camera have made our life colourful.

It is now easy to cure many dangerous diseases like malaria and typhoid. Science has made it possible for human beings to live much longer. We can operate on the heart and even replace it. Operations of the eye, ear and nose are very common. Childless parents can get test-tube babies though with great difficulty. The advances in surgery have touched the greatest heights of scientific progress. Serious operations like the separation of joined twins at birth have been performed to give new life to the babies.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The computer is a real wonder. It helps us to make calculations in seconds that will otherwise take hours and days. We use it in engineering, industry and business, banking, sports and in many other fields of life that require record keeping, planning, and designing. Scientists have succeeded in making use of atomic energy to produce electricity, run ships on the sea and operate heavy engineering machines on a large scale at low costs.

All the industrial progress of our times is due to science. Scientists have made machines that produce articles of daily use like cloth, matchboxes, paper, shaving blades and iron and plastic goods on a large scale that makes them cheap. In agriculture, we use machines like the tractor, tube-well engine, thresher, mower, and sprayer. We also use medicines developed by scientists to kill harmful insects in the field. Engineers have built dams across rivers to provide water to canals and to generate (produce) electricity. All this has been possible because of scientific progress.

Traveling is comfortable as well as fast because of scientific inventions like the motorcar, the airplane and the sea-ship. Now traveling from the earth to other planets has become possible. Man’s successful voyage (journey) to the moon in a spaceship is the greatest event in the history of travel.

Science has also been put to harmful uses. Scientists have prepared bombs that can destroy whole cities. They have also developed powerful bomber planes that can drop many bombs in a minute. There are warships that cause great destruction on the sea. Scientists have prepared poisonous gases and materials that can kill thousands of human beings within a few seconds. Nuclear bombs and missiles with nuclear warheads are a constant danger to world peace. Science has been used to make harmful medicines, wine, drugs, and other intoxicants. [the_ad id=”17142″]These spoil the health and bring destruction upon families or nations. As much as possible, we should use science for noble purposes. Science should be a blessing for us, not a curse.

The outlines for Role of Science in Modern Life

  • We are living in a world of science and machinery

  • The uses of science: the functioning of the radio and television, artificial satellite, the camera

  • Science has helped in the cure of many diseases, so human beings can live longer

  • Different kinds of operations

  • The computer as a real wonder

  • The use of atomic energy in several peaceful ways

  • All industrial progress is due to science

  • In agriculture the use of machines because of science

  • Traveling in comfortable and fast owing to science

  • Several harmful uses of science like preparation of dangerous bombs (including nuclear bombs), missiles and dangerous poisonous gases

  • Preparation of harmful medicines, wines, drugs, and so on, negative use of science

  • Science should be used for noble purposes

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