The Poor People of Pakistan (500 Words Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

“The poor people here are in the absolute (complete) majority, and they should be educated, trained and prepared for the highest tasks.”

Most of the people of our country are poor. Only a few are rich. You can only feel poverty in a true way if you visit the villages. You will find most village women, men and children in dirty, torn clothes moving here and there aimlessly. It is only during the day for some hours that the poor villagers remain busy in the fields or with their animals. The nights are long and empty for them. No study hours. No modern entertainments of TV, games and clubs except in the big buildings of landowners. And, the landowners keep the poor at arm’s length.

In the towns and cities, the population is divided into several parts of the working class, the lower middle class, the upper middle class and the very rich “aristocratic” class. All the working class of labourers and manual workers is poor with low incomes. Many of the lower middle-class people are poor, and they live from hand to mouth.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The people living below the poverty line in Pakistan are more than five crore. We can say that more than ten crore people are quite poor. About five crore make up the middle class. The rich at the top may be a few lac. It should not sound (look) surprising, then, that the true rulers of the country should be from the poor who are in real majority. However, unluckily, it is the rich who get elected to assemblies to form governments when the so-called democracy is in existence (prevalent). The rulers, most of the civil servants, high officers of the armed forces and the police, bankers, traders, professors, lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, scientists and other professional people are mostly from the lower and higher middle-class. The working class of laborers, workers and farmers does not generally succeed in sending its sons and daughters to the higher circles of government and private business. So, it is the fate of the poor people to keep themselves where they are, born to remain unchanged for the most part of their lives.

Now, in these “democratic” times, we need to look after (take care of the millions of poor people and their children whose fates are sealed by poverty. The educated people of noble feeling and sympathy for others should form societies and associations for the betterment of the poor people of Pakistan. The government should join hands with these societies and associations to frame policies for the education and uplift of the poor. In the villages, towns and cities we can have classes in morning, afternoon and night shifts for the education of poor adults and their children. We can teach languages and the sciences and professional skills to these poor people in the lower classes. Then only can the country hope to rise magically to peaks of success. Let the poor people be educated and trained in proper ways. Let them get work and jobs according to their ability and capacities.

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