The Annual Sports Day in Our College (Short Essay)

By | January 3, 2019

“The annual college sports day marks (celebrates) the great sporting qualities of students and sets them for competition nationally and internationally”

We had our annual prize distribution (or the annual sports) in the fourth week of February. On the college campus, we could see and smell beautiful flowers. The sun was shining in its full glory. The college grounds, bright green under the shining sun, were the scenes of the annual sports. The grounds had been decorated with multicolored banners and pieces of colored paper hanging high by ropes on poles. At one end were big canopies or “shamianas” under which teachers and guests were sitting. Students stood or sat in their enclosures.

The annual sports began with the recitation of the Holy Quran on the loudspeakers. Soon afterward, the athletes and sportsmen sang the national anthem with the band playing its tune. The Director of Sports announced the events of the day. Loud clapping was followed by groups of athletes and sportsmen in colorful uniforms walking past the enclosures of teachers, guests, and students. [the_ad id=”17141″]One of the main events was the different races. The supporters of the winners took them up on their shoulders. The high jump and the long jump were very interesting to watch. Each athlete tried to better the previous years’ record.

More interesting than the above was the pole-vault or jumping over a long pole. It was perhaps a show of strength and practice. It was a pleasure to watch the discus (flat round object), the javelin, the hammer and the shot-events in which these heavy metallic objects are thrown by athletes and players with full force to the longest distances. The hurdle race was another important event. It was not easy to jump over the hurdles in the given time. Our teachers and some guests also took part. The winners were really the smartest (quickest) of all. Cycle race was also interesting. Those with sports bicycles, and also with strong legs, won the first, second and third prizes.

The Principal made a speech after the sports were over. He described the college activities in sports, debating and education during the year. The chief guest distributed the prizes and certificates among the best players and athletes. He also made a brief speech in which he stressed the need to further raise the standards of education and sports. Finally, the Principal announced a day’s holiday, and everyone felt happy and satisfied.

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