Short Paragraph on Unemployment

By | January 14, 2019

A paragraph on Unemployment (1000 Words)


  • Introduction.
  • Causes of unemployment.
  • Remedies suggested.
  • Conclusion.

Unemployment has become a chronic feature of modern societies everywhere. It has become very acute in our own country. it is a very serious problem, demanding wise leadership to solve it. It will have to be faced quickly and wisely if we wish to avoid social revolution. The world is getting smaller on account of scientific discoveries which have conquered space. But the world has also become very big because of the phenomenal growth of population. When people multiply there is bound to arise the problem of unemployment. Jobs and services in a given community remain relatively static whereas the growth of population goes on unchecked. in addition, the problem of unemployment is basically related to the Standards of living in a particular society. In every society some people become richer while others become poorer. The reason is that some people start life with certain advantage and opportunities which are denied to others. It is these poorer masses of humanity who really create the problem of unemployment. It may be said generally that in Pakistan almost everyone is under employed, if we judge from the standard of life they are living.

There are many types of unemployment, and of these the most troublesome aspect is the problem of the unemployment of the educated. It is this problem which is often meant when we discuss the question of unemployment. Since the number of the educated is annually increasing, we are not able to afford avenues of work for this growing number. So it has become a very ticklish problem, in a sense. The point is that we assume that education is good and desirable, and this is really so. There can be no two opinions on this point. But the irony of it is that when we offer education to many thousands of young people. We are not in a position to offer jobs to even a few hundreds of them. Is it not ironical that by educating our youths we should at the same time force them to remain idle? And is not an idle mind the Devil’s workshop? Should we wonder at the indiscipline, and of insubc.dination of our youths?[the_ad id=”17141″]

The present state of unemployment is caused by the disproportion between the number of educated and the number of jobs and services. There are thousands of educated youths who are not finding adequate opportunities for employment. However, we must note that this state of unempolyment is not inevitable. Really speaking, there is no lack of opportunities for employment. The problem has arisen principally because the educated.need and wish to get only certain kinds of jobs. These jobs are few. Unemployment has become a problem ause of this fact of our society.

The remedy for this is obvious. Change the system of education, and the proi’lem of unemployment will not be so pressing. The p. oblem is acute because we are educating youths in such a way that they are fit to take up only a very few types of jobs. In other hands, our educational system is largely a literary one. It is now all but usel e must train youths for particular professions and jobs. The country needs several types of services. The new Plans have created a very wide field of services, but there are not enough youths to take up these jobs. The reason is that they were unwilling and unable to do so. They have been taught that employmet means easy and fashionable work at the desk and the counter. It is not their fault if they cannot take up real social service. This field of social and community service is wide enough to absorb quite a large number of our educated youths.

So we must stop the entry of young persons into the universities and direct them to take up vocational and professional courses of education. Not all people are meant to be scholars. Only a very few are capable of such appointments. Yet we assume that every young person is endowed with a genius for scholarly life and work. This is unfortunate and this has swelled the army of the idle and unemployed in our country. Not that we should turn out to be a nation of Robinson Crusoes, neither do we wish to be a nation of shopkeepers and mechanics. But our problem is to raise the standard of living and to provide jobs for our growing population. For good or evil we have accepted the standards of western civilizations. The older simplicities and pieties of life we have abandoned. Our life has become extremely complex and our need has multiplied. These needs are to be supplied by industrial products and social services which can be offered only by people who are trained in mechines, municipal services and industrial skills. In other words, a modern society needs a very large number of non-literary and non-scholarly people who could meet the demands of a growing, complex away of living. It is for this reason that the youths of our country need to be trained vocationally and professionally.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Technical and industrial education alone can meet the demands of employment. Our leaders insist upon the training of people in manual labour and handicrafts. The principle behind this is the same, namely, that we should stop swelling the numbers of the insufficiently educated, and that we should teach people to learn the trades and services that society demands. But we cannot unfortunately realise the dream of thinkers like Ruskin, and our alternative is to get mechanical minds. Mechanics have come to stay. We can only see that they serve us and not master us. Therefore, a wise system of national and social education, devised in response to our modern methods of living, can alone solve the problem of unemployment.

The problem of providing jobs for our growing population is a very urgent one. We are realising this fact and trying to face it in our national Five-Year Plans. Let us hope that the targets of unemployment will be achieved in the course of our Plans. Let us hope that we shall evolve such system of training that every grown-up individual will be a socially useful and creative member, thereby saving the country from the dangers of revolution and social upheavals.

A paragraph on Unemployment (500 Words)

Employment means occupation. To he busy in doing something productive is to be employed. So unemployment means absence of employment. When the people are out of work and have nothing to do, they are said to be unemployed. Unemployment is a worldwide problem. Even advanced countries like U.S.A., U.K., and France have this problem. In the third world countries, unemployment is at its highest peak. Pakistan is no exception.

Unemployment is a social evil of far-reaching consequences. It spells starvation disease and death on its victims. They have no education, no.culture, and therefore no concern for right and wrong, good and evil. Dishonesty, corruption, crime, sin and vices of all kinds prevail in a society where population is unemployed on a large scale. Politically unemployment breeds discontent in the masses. Votes are sold and bought. Revolutions and mob violence are the result of unemployment. People busy in finding out job for them cannot pay attention to their rights and duties as citizens. Moreover, when a large portion of population is unemployed, no effort to increase the national income can succeed.[the_ad id=”17150″]

The causes of this wide-spread unemployment are four. First, our system of education does not suit our needs. Much attention is paid to general and liberal education. Our country is an advancing country and needs skilled; händs. The teaching institutions turn out a peculiar type of young man who hates manual labour. He is good-for-nothing except reading books and dreaming of high status in society.

Secondly, our country is not much advanced in the industry. We cannot absorb all our young men in factories. Moreover, they are not skilled. Thirdly, in our country a few privileged persons are keeping all the key industries to them. If work and leisure are equally distributed, all men will have enough of work and enough of leisure. But the educated young men and common men have neither the capital, nor the opportunities to try their luck in business. Lastly, in our country birth-rate is very high. The sources of the country are not enough to maintain such a large population. People are more, the jobs are few. The result is unemployment.

Keeping in view the consequences of this evil, the Government of Pakistan is doing much. It has already started many employment schemes. The National Man Power Council runs a National Employment Bureau which helps the Pakistanis to get jobs. Recently a Youth Investment Scheme has been started in Pakistan. They give financial help to young people and assist them in setting up a business promotion scheme taste and ability. Labour Department has set up Technical Training centers at various places and more are being established. But in spite of all, much more is needed. Production should be stepped in agriculture. The country should be industrialized to provide new channels of employment. The concept of education should be changed. Planned distribution of wealth should be ensured. The population must be kept within reasonable limits. It is only after a long time struggle that we can get rid of this evil and make our country prosperous

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