Short Paragraph on Force Rules the World

By | January 12, 2019

It is usual to speak of force as of two kinds-physical force and moral force. The verse refers merely to the first one. A saying attributed to Voltaire says, ‘God is always on the side of the heaviest battalions.’ What Voltair means is that force is the sole arbiter in war and those who talk of the rightness or justness of their cause are simply fools. That force plays a very important role in this world is largely true. It is not only employed by individuals but also to settle international disputes. It is all-conquering; whichever side we turn we see the truth of this dictum. There is a scrap between two individuals; the one who uses his first more vigorously and more violently ditches bis opponent. The Germans in the First Great War began very well, but the entry of the U.S.A. with enormous resources tilted the scales heavily against them and they finally lost. The Second Great War also proved the superiority of sword-force. Same happens when two groups Gight. When two nations are at war the one which has more of the modern instruments of destruction-bombs, ammunition, gunpowder, thermite, high explosives, vesicants etc. will certainly have greater chance of victory. Providence is always on the side of the last reserve.

If we turn to history for examples in support of our argument we will find plenty of them. As a matter of fact in no single instance force failed to win the day. All the armed sovereigns conquered, all the unarmed perished. From time immemorial force has been the queen of the world. ‘Pen, it has been said, is mightier than the sword!’ May be. But whenever Pen? has failed, sword has succeeded. At the – turning points of history, it is force, force alone which shows the way.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Moralists, however, will not be won over by these arguments. ‘They that take the sword shall perish by the sword. According to them moral force is superior to physical force. By resort to violence one may achieve spectacular results, but force only half conquers. Its victories are short-lived. You can coerce a man or a country to do your bidding, but persecution has invariably failed.

Short Paragraph on Temperance (390 Words)

Who overcomes by force,
hath overcome but half his foe.

Real durable conquests are possible by love which alone can bind man to man and nation to nation into an unbreakable bond. This is the cornerstone of Quaid-i-Azam’s doctrine of non-violence. In the Holy Quran too, gentleness or meekness is held superior to force or violence. Thus meekness may not be the badge of cowardice. Moral force may at time prove superior to physical force. No amount of military force would have enabled our country to gain our independence. This miracle was the result of Soul-force brought about by one who believed in the superiority of spiritual weapons in preference to material weapons.

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