Short Paragraph on an Accident

By | January 1, 2019

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Road accidents are very common these days. Every day newspapers are full of news about the accidents. Science has made traveling very comfortable. But accidents do take place daily. Many valuable human lives are lost and automobiles are destroyed. These accidents have made human life quite unsafe. They are the result of rash driving and violating the rules of traffic.

I witnessed a very tragic road accident last week. I was going to bazar when I saw the crowd on the road. I came to know that an accident had occurred between a car and a tonga. The tonga was going on the wrong side of the road. A car was coming at great speed from the opposite direction. The car driver blew the horn again and again. The tonga driver tried to put his horse aside but failed. The car driver applied brakes at the last moment. But he could not control the car and it directly hit into the tonga. The horse was killed on the spot. His dead body was lying on the road. Blood could be seen everywhere.[the_ad id=”17141″]

. The tonga was badly broken. Some of the passengers received minor injuries. But the tonga driver himself was seriously injured. He was lying on the road. People were trying to bring him to senses by putting water into his mouth. It was a very horrible scene. I felt sympathy for the poor man. His horse had been killed and his tonga had been destroyed. His own life was in danger.

The car driver also received serious injuries. The headlights and the windscreen of his car were completely broken. The police reached the spot and prepared the report. They tried to save the life of the Tonga driver. He was put into another car by the policemen and was sent to the hospital.

I returned home, but could not get peace of mind. I was constantly thinking of the poor tonga driver and his misfortune. Next day, I was shocked to hear the news of his death. I felt great pity for the poor fellow because he had left behind a widow and seven small children. I become very sad whenever I remember this horrible accident.

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