Short Essay on Universal Education

By | January 7, 2019

Universal education means education for all the people of the country. It means educating the entire nation-men, women, and children in the cities, villages, and at all places. There is a great need to educate our people. More than 70 percent of our people are still uneducated.

If most of our people get educated, they can understand the value of unity and discipline. They can co-operate in different fields of life. They can understand and work for their own high aims and those of their nation and country. They can understand and obey the law of the land and become good citizens.

Universal education is urgently needed in the present social and political context of terrorism. Terrorism can be checked and brought to an end only in three ways by providing economic equality, equal chances of progress and proper universal education to the people in the shortest time.

Educated people can understand the political problems of their country and those of other countries. They can follow (understand) the policies of their government. They can also follow the programmes of different political parties. In elections, they can wisely vote for those political parties or candidates whose programmes or policies they find to be beneficial and useful.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Universal education will enable our people (make them able) to make proper industrial, agricultural and technical progress. Educated people prove to be more efficient and useful than uneducated people.

We should open big education centers at central places in villages, towns, and cities. These centers should have morning, afternoon and night classes. All kinds of buildings, even those of banks, government offices, clubs, shopping centers besides those of schools and colleges can be used for classes on holidays and at late hours.

There can be a common fund for universal education. Rich landowners, industrialists, banks and commercial organizations should contribute to this fund. The government can levy a special tax on people with higher incomes to meet the expenses of universal education. Then the government can itself provide money from its treasury.

Universal education will bring the light of knowledge to many of our dark homes. The government and the people should co-operate to make universal education a possibility and a fact.

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