Short Essay on The Third World

By | January 9, 2019

The developing or under-developed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin (South America) make up (comprise) the Third World. Most of them had been colonies of the advanced European countries before gaining their independence. The First World, understandably, is that of the developed countries now led by the US and the Second of the advanced countries formerly led by Communist Russia together with China.

The economic and social conditions of the Third World countries are far from satisfactory. The majority of the people are uneducated and backward. Different forms of social evils are widespread. Pust, dirt, and poverty are to be found all around (except of course in some modern or fashionable areas of these countries, mostly in the cities).

A poor developing country exports most of its raw materials to the advanced countries. It imports machinery and technology from them at high prices. It buys expensive weapons from them that become outdated quite soon. Except for some oil-exporting countries, almost all the developing states are economically ill or even on the economic deathbed.

In most of the developing countries, both agriculture and industry are in bad shape. Old methods of agriculture are in use. There is shortage of capital (wealth) and trained manpower (number of men available for industrial and other needs), and as a result, industrial and agricultural development is slow.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Overpopulation and unemployment go hand in hand in a poor developing country. A great many educated and trained people leave the country for employment in a rich developing country (an oil producer) or in a developed country, and there is a serious brain drain (movement of highly-skilled people to other countries for better earnings).

The political systems of most developing countries are either dictatorial or duplicates of some western democracies or have been replaced by semi-dictatorial systems. They need able, honest and patriotic civilian leaders to run political institutions and to make democracy a possibility.

The Big Powers find it easy to influence the political and economic policies of the developing states. They play one weak state against another for their purposes.

Modern, effective methods should replace the outdated methods of agriculture in these developing countries. Industrial development should be fast. National industries should use most of the raw materials produced within the country.

The people of the Third World should be educated on a vast scale. Higher and technical education should be given (imparted) on modern lines. There should be social justice and equal opportunities for all.

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