Short Essay on the Beauty of Nature

By | January 2, 2019

“Nature is more enchanting if we are inwardly happy and satisfied, and then we colour it with our joys.”

Nature means the countryside (village areas with fields and gardens), trees, hills, valleys and rocks, the sky and atmosphere, the seas and all that is not made by man. So roads and markets, buildings and towns and cities and commercial and industrial areas are not nature.

William Cowper, a famous English poet, said wonderfully in the 18th century:

God made the country (village areas) and man made the town.

When we go to the countryside, we view nature in all its majesty and glory. The open fields and fresh atmosphere of our villages inspire us. We breathe pollution-free air and move amid crops and plants. We brighten our sight when we view greenery and vegetation all around.[the_ad id=”17141″]

If it is summer, we enjoy sitting and standing in the cool shade of trees. The noise of the water flowing from the village well or the modern tubewell invites us to drink it or dip our hands or bodies into it. The sight of village urchins (mischievous youngsters) bathing in the water passages gives a taste of their natural life and movements. The villagers moving together with their animals and tools (implements) and working in the fields let us feel the charms of their basic activities in nature.

The parks in the cities have beautiful natural scenes for us. They bring us in close proximity (nearness) of trees, shrubs (bushes), waterfalls and lakes with birds and animals around to mesmerize us (affect us magically). Much more romantic is the mountain climbing and long walks in the valleys. It is like experiencing the joys of paradise and the pleasures of heaven. When it snows or rains in the hilly areas or on the plains, our joys and feelings are matchless (incomparable).

Flowers are the ornaments of nature that we find in our homes, on the roadside and in flowerbeds and flowerpots. There is no end to their variety and charms as there is no interval in their appeal and effects on us. And there is no break in the influence of the sky, the sunshine, moonshine and starshine on our feelings and thoughts. Nature, as a whole, is our constant companion and life-giver.

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