Short Essay on Television and Its Uses

By | January 7, 2019

Outlines for Television and Its Uses

  • television as a medium of communication.

  • the most used one

  • main uses of television

  • for entertainment through music and acting

  • for the education of the people

  • for the communication of general information

  • for economic and political purposes

  • we should use the TV for positive purposes

“Television has helped in converting a divided world into a global village to the greatest extent.”

Television makes it possible for us to see what is happening far away. In our homes, we watch on television films of events taking place in other cities, countries, and continents. The artificial satellites have made it possible to watch events in other countries directly. Television is a very fine medium (means) of entertainment. It brings the musician, and his music, the singer and his singing and the actor and his acting close to us. We can view the dance as well as hear the song at the same time. Whether it is rain or sunshine, hot or cold outside, we can enjoy television programmes within the four walls of our home.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Television can be used to teach uneducated people. Through it, we can improve (better) very much the knowledge of our students and educated people. Thus, we can present on TV educational programmes of different categories. For completely uneducated people, we can. have programmes for teaching the basic details of languages. Such programmes can be extremely useful for our villagers and the working-class people in the cities.

We can telecast other programmes of general information. For example, there can be science programmes about modern inventions and developments in science, agricultural programmes for farmers, medical programmes for doctors, industrial programmes for laborers and factory workers, and so on. Special economic television programmes can be very useful for the public. Through them, the market rates of different articles can be quoted and explained. Political television programmes are of great importance. They bring political leaders and their views close to the people. The programmes of the ruling political party and of other parties in the country are critically explained and discussed by public representatives or leaders.

We should present such television programmes on TV as entertain the people in the right way as well as improve their knowledge and character. We should avoid the presentation of programmes that may spoil the taste, character, and morale (inner mental condition) of the people.

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