Short Essay on My Future Ambitions

By | January 7, 2019

Dreams, pleasant and unpleasant, are indicative of one’s personality. It is so because what a person thinks about usually or what lies in his mind as desires, hopes or regrets is easily reflected in his dreams.

Firstly, I may describe my dreams related to my desires and hopes. I had once desired as a child to be a famous political leader. Now when I lie down and go to sleep, I sometimes begin dreaming that, I am a member of a political party and the common people like me very much.

The second dream that I often have relates to visits to the most interesting cities or countries. I am very fond of traveling, though I do not often get enough chances of doing so. In my sweetest dreams, I am often voyaging on the high seas to distant (far off) islands like Sindbad the sailor, Ibn-e-Batuta or. Robinson Crusoe. There I live in forests with wild people, eating fruit and roasted meat and drinking, spring water and then dancing around trees for hours on end (continuously).

The third dream that I sometimes have is very frightful and horrible. It concerns floods bringing about large-scale destruction all around and causing a huge loss of life. In my sleep, I find my house surrounded by floodwater. As the house is at a considerable height, it is beyond the reach of the street water. Somehow, a boat reaches our family with some helpers, and we board it.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The fourth dream is perhaps most horrible, and it concerns flying and forced landing. In my dream, I fly to far off places up to Iceland, Greenland, North and South Poles. I visit all the advanced countries, but, on return to my homeland, the aeroplane engines develop some trouble.

Somehow, I have come to accept the Chinese proverb:

“To believe in one’s dreams is to spend all one’s life asleep.” And, further, “In dreams and in love nothing is impossible.”

More than half of our life we are sleeping or dreaming. We even daydream as we go on building castles in the air, lost in our imagination. My greatest hopes, which are most difficult to be fulfilled, make me daydream. It is not so pleasant to have this experience because when I wake up I find the world mostly ugly, unpleasant and painful. The fairy world of dreams melts into the everyday ordinary world of realities.

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