My Favourite Subject (Urdu) on Short Essay

By | January 6, 2019

My Favourite Subject (Urdu) on Short Essay


“I sing my songs in Urdu,
watch films in Urdu write letters in Urdu, talk in Urdu, what more can I do?”

My Favourite Subject (Urdu), Urdu is my favourite subject. First of all, I like Urdu because it is a sweet language and serves our national purposes. It is linked with English directly. From my early childhood, I have heard Urdu words and sentences spoken by different people around me. In the four provinces of the country, someone or the other is found speaking Urdu in the marketplace and in government and private offices. In trains, buses, and planes, Urdu speakers can be met or found. Therefore, considering the wide use and popularity of Urdu, I developed a liking for it. Now I desire to improve my understanding and knowledge of Urdu just as I am trying to learn English in all possible ways. I think that the development (or promotion) of Urdu is important for our national and personal needs. In the same way, the promotion of English is necessary for our national and international needs. When both the languages are interdependent and lovable, we should attend to both. Both should be our national languages. We come to Urdu now.[the_ad id=”17141″]

I study Urdu poetry, prose and composition. I find Urdu poetry and prose to be very interesting. I also enjoy writing Urdu. In poetry, I value poets who teach us to work hard and not to care about worldly success. So I like Hali and Iqbal most. In fact, I am fond of poets who convey beautiful ideas about life and have a fine style of writing. Thus, Ghalib is one of the poets whom I appreciate much. Among the poets of our age, I like Faiz more.

In Urdu prose, I like short stories. I read short stories in Urdu magazines. I also like to read Urdu eşsays. The stories and the essays help me to understand life and its problems. They also help me to learn new uses of words. I find the Urdu novel to be very entertaining. I like the old novelists like Prem Chand as well as the new like Quarat-ul-ain Haider. The world of the. Urdu novel should be vaster and as enchanting (pleasure-giving) as that of the English novel. Sometimes I feel like reading Urdu drama. I go to the libraries to find an interesting Urdu play. Unluckily, Urdu drama has not been able to make much progress after Agha Hashr. However, I manage to read some modern plays on common social subjects like corruption, love and marriage.

I find Urdu composition to be very useful. I have written many essays and letters in Urdu and have got them corrected by my teachers. The best way of learning a language is to do as much of composition work as possible.[the_ad id=”17142″]

For the purpose of learning new Urdu words, I read selected articles in Urdu newspapers and magazines. I also read interesting books on travel (travelogues) and biographies (life stories) of. famous people. The words I learn are written, together with their meanings and use, in notebooks. Some fine Urdu-to-Urdu-to-English dictionaries are freely consulted by me. The words learnt are soon freely used in essays, stories and letters in my own, personal ways. Not only that I can express my thoughts freely and easily, my style (or way) of writing impresses others much. Some of my teachers say, after reading my writings, that I shall be a famous Urdu writer some day.

It is very important to learn different ways of framing sentences. For this purpose, i consult some books of Urdu Grammar and Composition. I take special pleasure in framing long and short, complex and simple Urdu sentences in my writings.

To improve Urdu speech, I watch Urdu plays and Urdu news bulletins on TV. When a famous writer or speaker visits the college, I listen to his speech and try to talk with him. Thus, I am trying hard to improve my knowledge of Urdu and capacity to write and speak in it impressively.

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