Short Essay on My Favourite Novel

By | January 6, 2019

“A novel is a history of the best and worst parts of our lives.”

I like novels more than other books. I have found the English novel, The Prisoner of Zenda (by Anthony Hope), to be very interesting. The Prisoner of Zenda is about a king whose half-brother tried to take away his kingdom. The king’s name was Rudolf and his half-brother’s Michael. Michael imprisoned Rudolf in the castle of Zenda. The novel becomes very exciting when Rassendyll, a relative of the King appeared before the people. as Rudolf. His face was just like Rudolf’s. The people accepted him as the king. Even the Princess, to whom Rudolf was going to be married, took him to be Rudolf himself.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Michael wanted to get Rassendyll as well as the king killed by his men. However, he wanted to do it secretly. He would not tell them anything about Rudolf, whom he himself had imprisoned. Rassendyll also could not tell the people about Michael’s black deeds. It is so because if he did so, Michael would at once kill the king.

The most important role in the novel is that of Lady de Mauban. Michael tried to get Rassendyll killed through her. But he failed to do so. This lady wanted to marry Michael. He, in fact, liked to marry the Princess. Lady de Mauban wanted the king to remain alive so that the Princess might marry him. The Prisoner of Zenda is about the struggle of one strong man, that is, Rassendyll, against powerful evil forces. These forces were in the form of “Black” Michael, Lady de Mauban, Rupert, etc. Rassandyll was successful in his struggle as he defeated Michael. Further, he succeeded in getting Rudolf out of prison and then getting him married to Flavia.

The novel has taught me the golden lesson that I shall always remember. The lesson is that our world is a battleground where good and evil are in constant conflict. Evil can be successful, but only for some time. The victory of good is certain, however late it may come.

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