Essay on Corruption in English

By | January 10, 2019

Corruption Essay – 450 Words

Our warfare is not against flesh and blood
But against principalities and powers and wickedness in the high place

When we spoil the purity of anything we corrupt it, and we do so because we are wicked in this sense. We begin to destroy our honesty or integrity when we benefit others or ourselves illegally and immorally. When a person is in high position or place and he takes bribes or benefits to favour someone or does any kind of injustice, he is corrupt in the most common way.

Corruption cannot be justified in any circumstances. If a person cannot easily make both ends meet (cannot get enough money for his needs), he should work more or work elsewhere or the people of his family should work so that he may not have to be dishonest in his dealings to earn more. We have to find honest means (ways) of adding to our incomes.

The government and public organizations like the Edhi Trust and the Burney Foundation can formulate and popularize work programmes for different categories of families so that their incomes increase in honest ways.[the_ad id=”17141″]

How can corruption be brought to an end?

First of all, there should be as much equality as possible in the country. The division of the society into the classes of extremely poor and extremely rich people and the middle class without enough facilities and chances to progress should go. As suggested elsewhere, the feudal (jagirdari) structure in the villages and the oppressive capitalistic structure in the cities should be replaced by a fair, just one.

Secondly, education should be within the reach of all manner of people. When the people get universally educated, they will be able to work more efficiently and their earnings will rise. They will be generally satisfied and the causes of corruption will be mostly eliminated (excluded).

Thirdly, the leaders and politicians should be men of integrity. Their devoted leadership and honest dealings will set a pattern of life and work for the nation.

Fourthly, a religious and moral atmosphere in society will create a sense of honest living among the people. Our religious scholars, teachers, newspapers, radio and TV can play an important role in this connection.

Fifthly, heavy punishments for corrupt people should keep them from indulging in corruption. Corrupt government servants and anyone accepting bribes in any form should be punished after a proper trial in a court of law.

It is very difficult, though not impossible, to solve the difficult social problem of corruption. It is we who will overcome corruption before we allow it to drown us in its poison to kill us as a nation.

Corruption Essay – 400 Words

There is no doubt that after independence, Pakistan has progressed in many areas. But it is also rightly said that the two factors which characterize the Central and State governments in our country are Minus efficiency and Plus corruption. If Pakistan has flourished in any sphere, that is corruption. Pakistan is in the grip of the worst form of corruption. Corruption in the country’s public and administrative life has considerably increased during the last two decades. Corruption, to a certain degree, is a legacy of the British reign and is not peculiar to Pakistan alone but is a universal phenomenon. [the_ad id=”17142″]

Official files and documents do not move unless the palms of the concerned officials are greased. One cannot get the official copy of a court judgment from the copying agency of the court unless one pays some extra money to the typist, besides paying the official court fees. An honest man’s application is subjected to delays by red-tapism. Corruption in some public-dealing offices has reached a saturation point and people have started taking corruption for granted. The lot of the common man is miserable as he has to stand in long queues, grease the palm of petty peons and clerks and put up with tyrannies all around whereas businessmen and industrialists are aware of the fact that they can get anything done by paying bribes. We all talk about corruption but the half-hearted measures taken to root out corruption are neutralized and turn out to be a futile exercise.

Our leaders do not seem to be keen on removing corruption and one gets the impression that these leaders themselves are responsible for the corruption in the country, Inquiry Commissions and Investigating Committees are merely an eye-wash as the ministers are not concerned with any real purpose served as such and the result is that corruption is eating into the vitals of our society. It seems extremely difficult to clean the Augean stables of corruption.

Some great statesmen and intellectuals have advocated that some eminent statesmen, with no political ambitions, should constitute themselves into a National Forum, should collect and process material regarding complaints, and prima facie cases can be established to publish their findings and press the government to appoint regular Commissions of inquiry.

Most ministers spend large sums of money to win elections, which to most of them are investments to be recovered with compound interest. Politicians are, thus, far more liable to corruption. The cure of corruption may lie in the appointment of a registrar of public grievances against the administration, who is appointed by the Parliament and who enjoyed great authority and whose main function should be to handle citizen’s complaints against administrative abuse, incompetence and corruption.

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