Short Essay on An Ideal College for Students

By | January 1, 2019

An Ideal College Essay (500 Words)

“It is useful to have ideas about ideal colleges to adopt their features (high points) as far as we can.”

All colleges have some faults (defects). I want to have a perfect college, and here I describe what it can be like. First of all, an ideal college is one that has a proper building. It has a sufficient (enough) number of rooms where students can sit and study at ease. It is provided with all the facilities in the rooms that students need, for example, suitable chairs and desks. The rooms are fitted with electric fans and heaters to be used according to the season. An ideal college has all the facilities for sports. The students can easily play different games in the afternoon.

An ideal college admits only as many students as can study well. If a larger number of ‘students are admitted, more rooms for them are constructed and new teachers are employed. Or, classes are held in two shifts, in the morning as well as in the evening. The classes in an ideal college are never overcrowded.[the_ad id=”17141″]

An ideal college is one where the best teachers work. The teachers also go on improving (bettering) their knowledge and ways of teaching. These teachers are leaders of the students-commanding (getting) their obedience and respect. In an ideal college, the teachers and the Principal are very kind to the students and treat them with love. They try to know about the difficulties that they may be facing in any way. They try to overcome (get over) their difficulties. They punish the students only when they think that it is necessary. An ideal college has the most modern computer teaching programmes. It provides the best of computer equipment in its laboratories and workshops for all sorts of operations of the computer.

The library in an ideal college has all the books needed by the students. It has proper I reading facilities for them. The laboratories in an ideal college have the latest apparatus. here the students can do all sorts of scientific experiments.

Hostel life is such that students can enjoy the comforts of the home and have ample (the right number of) chances to study and progress. The rooms are kept clean, well lit and well decorated. The mess provides clean and suitable food at right times. The hostel wardens look after the student’s studies, games and welfare in the best possible ways.

Bright students and promising players in an ideal college are offered scholarships. Poor but able students, who do not have proper homes and facilities, are provided free comfortable accommodation (living facilities) in the hostel. We should have “ideal” colleges all over the country and as soon as possible. Education continues to suffer badly, and we need to attend to it carefully. We need to raise the standards of education urgently. If you were to consider something as elementary as [providing] spanish clep test practice, you’d be staggered to look at the statistics. The stats reveal that out of 85% of schools commissioned to take up spanish clep tests, barely a 40% successfully do it. 

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An Ideal College Essay (300 Words)

It is in the interest of students and teachers to have ideal or perfect colleges in different parts of the country. Most colleges, which are quite imperfect and defective in several respects, will then try to become perfect like the ideal colleges.

First of all, an ideal college is ideally or most suitably located. It is quite far from the crowded city or town life, but not so distant as to make it difficult or expensive for students to reach it.

Secondly, an ideal college has several blocks fulfilling the requirements of the different subjects. The arts block has several departments housed in separate sub-blocks. For example, English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, etc. have their departments with the staff of the individual subjects with their heads sitting in separate rooms. The classrooms for the subjects are in these sub-blocks.[the_ad id=”17150″]

The science block, in addition to having classrooms and offices, has modern laboratories. The latest scientific apparatus ai equipment are available. The students, with the help of their teachers, go on experimenting on new mythods and procedures. In physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and other science subjects the students and teachers go on learning the results of studies and research in the . advanced countries. The libraries of these departments have the best books published all over the world in English. Some translations of these books into Urdu are also available.

Computer teaching and training has special importance. The college maintains a computer centre of international standards. The students learn the latest computer programmers. They are also taught computer technology and the maintenance of computer hardware and software. They are prepared for the manufacture of these in factories.

The ideal college of the above description has the best facilities of sports. The playgrounds are vast and well maintained. Players get special and prolonged training, in sports, especially in cricket, hockey, football and swimming,

The ideal college promotes public speaking of the highest order. It trains students, through debates and public discussions of national problems and issues, to become later national leaders and parliamentarians.

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