Short Essay on A Walk in the Moonlight

By | January 6, 2019

“A moonlit night invites everyone to enjoy its romance.”

Never do I feel more delighted than when I am walking in the moonlight alone. It is the romantic charm of the moon that keeps me forgetful of the problems and worries of life as long as I am in movement along some narrow paths. The experience of a walk in the moonlight is comparable to that of the most pleasurable dream. For (because), while the moon is hitting me in its full glory with its milky arrows, I do not feel the touch of the ground or the air. I rather feel as if I am flying lightly above the ground towards some unknown destination.

My mind is perhaps more active than my body as I am walking under trees with the moonlight filtering through the leaves surprisingly, pleasantly, magically. The first thought that strikes my mind as I look at the moon in the long distance is of the mountains, rocks, seas, and clouds on its surface. As I look constantly (gaze) at the moon, I wonder (can’t understand) what may be present on it. The dim figures on it look like those of some mountains and deserts or dried-up seas. Seen closely, it appears, as the story goes, that an old woman is spinning on her wheel.[the_ad id=”17141″]

But then I remember the descriptions of the moon given by the American spacemen who had visited it in their spaceships. They had said that it was all dry and airless, desert-like and without any trees or vegetation.

From the moon, suddenly I come down to the earth in my ideas and begin feeling the splendor (brightness) of the huge buildings and trees, shining in the moonlight. I observe the white marble mosque and its minarets first and connect this house of God with angels. and spirits surrounding it, without being seen. Then I look at some tall multi-storeyed plazas and commercial centers lying still in the moonlight. I compare their stillness at night with their noisy life during the day. Suddenly a plane appears in the sky with its twinkling lights, and I am shocked by its noise and disturbance. Once again, I am thrust back into the everyday, real world of noise, travel, and commerce from the moonlit world of my imagination. As I reach my house, I hear mother calling me to supper, which I do not much feel like eating.

In real terms, a walk in the moonlight is most pleasant in a vast (huge) public park. The moonlight brightens the roads and passages wonderfully. It makes the trees and bushes brilliantly beautiful. It lets us have a view of the grassy grounds in their green glory. The water standing on the ground or in the small lake is disturbed by the blowing wind that pleases us enormously extremely. As we move out of the park in the moonlight, we look at the shops, cars and buses, roads and buildings bathed in the moonlight on all sides. A walk in the moonlight, thus, gives us a chance to watch the world of Nature and of man in all their diversity and variety to our limitless pleasure.

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