Short Essay on A Sad Day in My Life

By | January 7, 2019

Outlines for A Sad Day in My Life

  • The last day in college is perhaps the most memorable if not the most important, but sad in any case

  • How I spent my last day in college

  • how I attended my classes and how I exchanged views with teachers and students

  • lastly photograph of students with teachers

  • time spent in the cafeteria and then returning home

“Last days are always sad, but some last days are memorably sad.”

It was in April this very year that I had my last day in college. I reached college early in the morning. There was silence in the atmosphere, and I felt the sadness on the faces of my dear friends. The first class was, as usual, that of English. The bell rang, and we went into the classroom after our teacher. “I won’t ask for books or homework today,” said he, “I will rather discuss something serious.”[the_ad id=”17141”]

Our teacher of English asked me what I would remember of the college. I quickly replied “My friends and my teachers.” Most of my classmates gave the same reply. And it was correct. I thought and thought that never in life would I again get a chance to meet and talk with all my classmates, friends and teachers. The Urdu class and other classes followed one after another. I was never as much interested in my teachers and their talk as on this last day. I was never so serious in my college life. I wanted time to pass slowly for me. It didn’t, and the last period was over so very soon.

As I stepped out of the last class, I found a group of students waiting for me. They said loudly, “Don’t you remember the photographs?” “Oh I do,” I replied. There were then photographs of students and teachers in groups on the green lawns. Lastly, I went straight to the cafeteria. There I sat with the best of my college friends for about two hours. The cafeteria servant told us that it was time to leave. With a heavy heart, I stood up, shook hands with my friends and started for home. Now the last day has become several years old. The memory of the reality is sweet as well as painful.

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