Short Essay on A Motor Accident

By | January 7, 2019

Outlines for A Motor Accident

  • road or motor accidents are very common in our country

  • thousands get killed or injured in accidents

  • witnessed a horrible road accident when I was once going to the bazaar on my bicycle

  • an accident of one car with another, passengers badly hurt

  • the difficulty of taking the injured to the hospital a doctor was brought to the scene

  • cars were badly smashed-bicycled home thinking of the injured persons

“Road accidents are black spots on our driving careers, often the result of rash and careless driving.”

Last month, I witnessed a very horrible road or motor accident. One fine morning, I was going to the bazaar on my bicycle. Suddenly I saw a black car coming from the opposite direction, and I moved to the left side of the road. A red car was also moving in the direction. I was going. It was moving at a cruising (fine, regular) speed on the left side of the road. The black car suddenly struck the red car. In fact, the black car was moving in the middle of the road. The driver of the black car had not slowed down. There was a very loud sound when the two cars struck each other. All the people walking along the road and sitting in the shops at once came to the place of the accident. They gathered around the two cars. I was also standing in the crowd. I was horrified (very much shocked) to see that the drivers of the cars had been badly injured. They were bleeding dangerously.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There were two men in the black car sitting in the back. One of them had been injured by broken glass, but the other was safe. A woman and her child in the red car, who were sitting in the front, both got injured badly. It was afternoon and there was not much traffic on the road. The people standing there were looking for a taxi to help the injured persons to reach a “doctor’s clinic that was not very far. I ran to another clinic or hospital nearby and brought the doctor who examined the injured persons and dressed their wounds.

One of the injured men was now completely unconscious. The other was groaning. The doctor returned saying that he did not have a car. Fortunately (by good luck), we saw a taxi passing by and that we stopped. Thus, we took the injured persons to the hospital. The two cars had been completely smashed (broken into pieces) in the accident. Their engines, as well as their bodies, had become useless. I came back home on my bicycle. I went on thinking about the injured persons for some time. It was, however, very heartening to know later from a newspaper that the drivers and passengers had been discharged from the hospital in satisfactory condition.

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