Short Essay on A Dreadful Dream

By | January 6, 2019

“Amuseumisa storehouse of the best remains of olden times.”

Dreams are sometimes very pleasant, and sometimes equally unpleasant. Last month I had a horribly dreadful dream that I am describing for my readers, who may take it as a ghost story. I had gone to sleep after a heavy dinner on a Thursday night. I remember had seen a strange movie (film) on TV before going to sleep. As soon as I entered the world of sleep, I was in the company of some boys and girls who were running wildly towards a jungle. As we entered the jungle (in the dream, of course), we saw a very big tree laden (loaded) with red fruit. We all decided to climb up the tree and eat the fruit to our, fill (full satisfaction).

Very soon, my friends and I climbed up the tree, and, sitting on its branches, started eating the apples. As we looked down from there, we were surprised to see three big lions coming towards the tree. The lions roared in hunger and looked round to hunt their prey. We were full of fear and could not speak, but felt that we could breathe easily. I closed my eyes for some time, and, when I opened them, I found the lions jumping and running in joy or anger I could not understand why. I thought it impossible to get down, and, without getting down we could not get out of the jungle to reach home.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In this horrible dream, I thought of my father, mother, brother, and sister with whom | could not talk at all. I thought of the end of my life that seemed (appeared) to be very close. If we climbed down, the lions would eat us up. It was not possible to continue sitting on the branches, as we were feeling very tired and thirsty. We wanted to rest and sleep.

One of our companions actually fell on the ground, and a leopard ran towards him. We all climbed down the tree in a hurry. We knew that we could not help the boy, as we were, in fact, going into the mouth of death. Just then, I cried loudly, and as I woke up, I found myself lying on the floor outside my bedroom. I can never forget this horrible dream as I can never forget the angry faces of the lions and our helpless condition on the trees.

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