Part 1 Poem 16 (God’s Attributes) Summary & Short Questions

Why can’t a negro be called camphor?

A negro, is black, whereas camphor is white stuff. They are opposite to each other so we cannot say that a negro is a camphor.

Are God’s names not merely accidental?

God’s names are not accidental. They are meaningful and serve a definite purpose.

How many attributes are mentioned in the poem?

In the poem ‘God’s Attributes’ the poet mentions three different attributes of God.

What makes one scare of sinning?

Men of faith believe that God is ‘Seeing’. This means that God is everywhere and knows what we are doing. Thus a believer is so fearful when he thinks of committing a sin.

What are the effects of the attributes of God?

The poem God’s Attributes” reveals the significance of God’s attributes for human beings. The poet believes that the attributes of God are not just titles. In fact they can contribute a lot in developing human character. To reinforce his point the poet gives some examples. He points out that seeing is one of the attributes of God. Likewise ‘Hearing and ‘Knowing are also God’s titles. The poet believes that if we have a firm belief that god is ‘All Seeing’, ‘All Hearing’ and “All Knowing’, we will think hundred times before doing an evil thing and using foul language. All these attributes restrict man from doing undesirable things. Hence God’s Attributes are vital for us as they help us in developing sound and healthy personality.

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