Play 1 (Heat Lightning) Summary & Short Questions 11th Class English

Q: As a reader give your brief comment about the play?

The play “Heat Lightning keeps the reader guessing to the end. It is full of thrill and exciting actions. The most satisfying thing is that the ending is happy.

Q: Have you any experience of a similar situation as faced by the Girl?

Three years back i went to see my relatives in a town nearby. Our bus had a minor accident on the way. Thus, I reached the city late at night. From the city hired a tonga to reach the town which was five miles away from the city. On the way I smelt something terrible. It was a smell of burnt flesh. shared this with the coach man. He told me to shut my mouth. Meanwhile I saw him taking out a dragger. screamed and hit the coach man. Luckily, the coachman loosened the grip on the reins of the horse. The horse started running like a deer. After a couple of minutes the horse fell down. also fell down opposite side of the coachman. I got up and So did the coachman. I saw a field of Sugarcane, and jumped into it. Luckily the coachman did not chase me into the field. I could hear the sound of a wagon’s horn. This made the coachman fearful. He went back towards his tonga. After half an hour when I was fully convinced that the coachman had gone, came out of the sugarcane field and walked to the town on foot.

Q: Why did the Girl consider the First Man her helper?

The Girl had a lucky escape from the killer. When she entered the bus station, she found the First Man there. She had gone through a tense situation, and now. she was dreaming about any person who could help her. Thus when she saw the First Man in the bus station, she had a notion that this gentleman must be his saviour. This notion changed into strong belief after some time. The First Man behaved very nicely and was able to make her believe that he would help her through thick and thin. The words of encouragement from the First Man were taken very positively by the Girl. Besides, his suggestion that she must go to the police removed any suspicion that he himself could be the killer. All these factors made the Girl believe that the First Man was her helper.

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