Play 1 (Heat Lightning) Summary & Short Questions 11th Class English

Q: What type of play “Heat Lightning’ is?

The “Heat Lightning’ is a melodrama. It consists of sensational events. The reader never knows what is going to happen next. The ending is, however, comic.

Q: Which characters are there in the play?

Apparently there are four characters in the play. There is a girl, a man, a second man and a suspected killer. The Girl, the Man and the Second Man are presented directly. There is suspense about the killer right to the end. Maybe, we are left with only three characters at the end.

Q: What type of character the Girl is?

The Girl is highly emotional. She is driven by fear. Though she is emotional and fearful, she can think and plan rather well. What type of character the Man is? The man is a cool fellow. His moves are quite calculated. Some of his actions indicate that he is not quite predictable.

Q: What type of character the Second Man is?

The Second Man is a very intelligent person. He can guess and predict very quickly. He seems to be a considerate and sympathetic fellow.

Q: What does the Girl do as she notices the Man coming towards her?

The Girl is terrified to see the Man advancing towards her. As she notices this, she runs up to the center door and pulls at it. She bolts the door before the Man Comes near her.

Q: How does the Girl escape from the evil designs of the Man?

As the Man advances towards her, a dog comes there by chance to save itself from the storm. The dog jumps and seizes the Man with its sharp teeth. The dog forces him to run away and the Girl has a miraculous escape from the wicked fellow.[the_ad id=”17144″]

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