Play 1 (Heat Lightning) Summary & Short Questions 11th Class English

Q: Describe the sensational events in the play “Heat Lightning’.

The play “Heat Lightning’ is full of sensational events. The scene of a fellow dragging the dead body is horrible. The Girl can see the parts of the dead body even in the dark, misty night. The following incident is equally alarming. The killer chases the Girl to the last. The killer could catch hold of her anytime, but she is lucky to escape. The Second Man also poses a threat. The Girl believes that he is the killer. The Man lets him come in. The Girl is shocked to see all this happening. Finally, there comes an alarming situation when the Man’s identity is exposed. The Girl at last comes to know that he is the real killer. He attacks her, but once again she has a lucky escape.

Q: Briefly narrate the story of the play “Heat Lightning’.

There is a Girl who sees a fellow dragging the dead body in a dark, misty night. She runs away from the evil man. The killer chases her. Luckily, she safely enters the coach station. There he tells a man that she is chased by a killer. The Man consoles her and assures her complete protection. Meanwhile another person rather forcefully enters the coach station. The Girl suspects that he is the killer. After some time the Second Man leaves the place. At the end the Girl sees her torch in the hands of the Man. Now she comes to know that the Man is the real killer. The evil man rushes towards her. She has a lucky escape. The evil man runs away.[the_ad id=”17142″]

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