Paragraph on Pakistani Village Life

By | January 1, 2019

Life in a Pakistani village is very interesting. As compared to the noise of the towns, there is little activity in our villages. A village consists of mụd houses with a mosque and a few other houses built of bricks. It has narrow lanes. It has no connection with the other villages or towns except a small track which in the rainy season becomes muddy. Sanitary conditions are hopeless. Dirty water runs everywhere in the lanes and breeds mosquitoes. It is natural that epidemics like influenza, cholera, and malaria kill hundreds of people every year.

The population of a village consists of farmers and a group of artisans like carpenters, blacksmiths and shoemakers etc. The main concern of the villagers is to grow food and crops: Their only interest is the welfare of their land. They rarely go to large cities. The nearest market town can supply their needs. They also sell their surplus wheat, rice and other commodities there.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The villagers are dependent on climate and rains. A good timely monsoon means prosperity and happiness. But when there is no rain or more than what is good for crops, they are ruined. When the crops fail, the moneylenders prosper. The villagers are hard workers. Both men and women work in the fields while the children look after the cattle. Their life is a life of struggle and poverty.

The villagers are very conservative and believe that what was good for their forefathers, is good enough for them. They do want to progress but they do not know the way.

But we cannot be satisfied with the present condition of our food growers. A country which neglects its fields and farmers, cannot progress. Pakistan is an agricultural country and more than seventy percent of our people live in villages. They need many improvements, more education, knowledge of modern means of cultivation and better living conditions.

Usually, our villagers live in a friendly way. This does not mean that they do not have their quarrels. Their disputes are mostly about women and land. It is very amusing to watch a villager’s fight Village customs are very simple.

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